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Course Registration

View Grade Level Presentations or Download Course Registration Forms

It is important that you discuss your choices with your teachers, parents, and counselor.

Changing Requested Courses


-All students must maintain a schedule that will permit graduation and will meet the minimum requirements for college admission. 


-Changes in course requests must be made before May 1st, After May 1st, all course requests will be locked.


-The only course changes that will be made in the fall or at the beginning of the second semester will be those necessitated by schedule conflicts, failure of a course or computer errors. 


Course Requests


During the second quarter, scheduling activities take place to assist each student in selecting appropriate courses for the next school year. The steps to the scheduling process are listed below. 


  1.  Counselors will present courses available for the next school year.
  2. Students can meet with teachers to discuss the recommended courses for the next school year.
  3. Students should review the registration form and discuss course selections with their families. 
  4. Counselors will then meet with students to discuss and review their course selections and plans.
  5. Students should then follow the online scheduling instructions to enter their class selections online while taking into consideration the student’s abilities and four-year high school plan.
  6. Students must submit their final course request forms signed by students and parents during the time of registration. It is expected that students develop a sound educational plan and an appropriate schedule prior to the end of the current school year.
  7. Honors/AP contracts are due at the time of registration. 



Interested in Honors/Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

GHS supports every student’s ambition to take on new and demanding challenges, such as taking an Honors/AP class.  However, the decision to enroll in an Honors/AP course requires a great deal of thought and consideration due to the rigorous workload, high-reaching expectations, and maturity level that these courses demand.  We encourage all students to talk to their teachers, counselors, parents, and other trusted advisers about their interest in taking AP or Honors classes so they can feel confident in their decision and better prepare themselves for the challenge that lays ahead.

-All students taking an Honors/AP class must sign the Honors/AP contract and submit to their counselor with their registration form.

-Students must make informed decisions about courses requiring summer assignments because these courses will not be dropped at the beginning of the school year due to incomplete work.


Entering Course Requests Online

Learn how to enter your classes online using Aeries. Your counselor will review your selection and make appropriate changes.


Online Aeries Registration

www.greenfieldhs.org  > Students in the top menu> Student Links > click Parent Portal

or http://aeriesnet.smcjuhsd.org/parentportal

Log in to Aeries Student Portal

Username: (student ID) @students.smcjuhsd.org


*If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” Type in your school e-mail address click on “Next” this will trigger an e-mail sent to your school e-mail with instructions to reset your password.


Enter Course Requests

  1.       Student Info
  2.       Course Request Entry
  3.       Search for the course by course number or title of the course or subject Area
  4.       Enter 7 courses (seniors enter 8 courses)
  5.       DO NOT add alternates