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Greenfield High School

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Course Descriptions: 

Watch our videos to help you determine which class is best for you. 


Registration Process


During the second semester, scheduling activities take place to assist each student in selecting appropriate courses for the next school year. The steps to the scheduling process are listed below. 


 1. Counselors will present courses available for the next school year.
2. Students can meet with teachers to discuss the recommended courses for the next school year.
3. Students should review the registration form and discuss course selections with their families. 
4. Counselors will then meet with students to discuss and review their course selections and plans.
5. Students should take into consideration their abilities and four-year high school plan.
6. Students must submit their final course request forms during the time of registration.
7. It is expected that students develop a sound educational plan and an appropriate schedule prior to the end of the current school year.
8. Honors/AP contracts are due at the time of registration. 
9. All students must maintain a schedule that will permit graduation and will meet the minimum requirements for college admission. 
 10. The only course changes that will be made in the fall or at the beginning of the second semester will be those necessitated by schedule conflicts, failure of a course, or computer errors. 
Changes in course requests must be made by March 31st! After March 31st, all course requests will be locked.
Honors/Advanced Placement (AP) Course Requirements

GHS supports every student’s ambition to take on new and demanding challenges, such as taking an Honors/AP class.  However, the decision to enroll in an Honors/AP course requires a great deal of thought and consideration due to the rigorous workload, high-reaching expectations, and maturity level that these courses demand.  We encourage all students to talk to their teachers, counselors, parents, and other trusted advisers about their interest in taking AP or Honors classes so they can feel confident in their decision and better prepare themselves for the challenge that lays ahead.

All students taking an Honors/AP class must sign the Honors/AP contract and submit to their counselor with their registration form.

Students must make informed decisions about courses requiring summer assignments because these courses will not be dropped at the beginning of the school year due to incomplete work.

9th Grade Honors/AP Contract and Teacher Recommendation forms submit to [email protected]

Dear Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2027/ Estimados padres de la clase 2027: 


Welcome to the Greenfield High School family! Greenfield High School will soon begin assisting you and your 8th grade student with registration for high school classes for the upcoming school year. During the scheduling process, we will help you and your student to select the most appropriate courses. Please review the important dates below. 


¡Bienvenidos a la familia de La Preparatoria de Greenfield! La preparatoria comenzará a ayudar a usted y a su estudiante del octavo grado con la registración para las clases del año entrante. Durante el proceso de registración, nosotros lo asistiéremos en la selección de los cursos apropiados. Por favor revise las siguientes fechas importantes. 


Scheduling Timeline/Fechas importantes: 

10/4/22 Information Night - Noche Informativa

English Presentation at 5:30 pm in the Student Union or via Zoom

            Presentación en español a las 6:30 pm. En la cafeteria de la prepatoria o atravez de Zoom 


English and Math Placement Testing at GHS - Examen de Ingles y Matemáticas

            Check the calendar below for date/time of testing. Consulte el calendario siguiente para las fechas y horarios de asesoramiento









Last Name A-L 2pm – 3:30pm

Last Name M-Z 3:30pm-5:30pm



Last Name A-L 2pm – 3:30pm

Last Name M-Z 3:30pm-5:30pm



Last Name A-L 2pm – 3:30pm

Last Name M-Z 3:30pm-5:30pm







   *Students must re-test if they scored an 850 or below for English and 950 for Math. Los estudiantes  tendrán que retomar el examen si sacaron menos de 850 puntos en Ingles y 950 en matemáticas*

Students have 2 opportunities to test

Pueden intentar el examen 2 veces



10/27-10/28/2023 Pre-registration presentation - Presentación de pre-registración

Virtual registration presentation to prepare students with their class selection. Presentación se llevará a cabo virtualmente para preparar a los estudiantes en la registración de clases.


11/3-11/4/2022 9th grade class registration - Registración de clases de grado 9

High School counselors meet with students to register for next year courses.  

Las consejeras de la preparatoria se reunirán con su estudiante para la registración de clases del próximo año.


3/22/2023 Virtual Honors/AP Night -  Noche Virtual de Cursos Avanzados

English Presentation at 5:30pm. Attendance required for all students taking AP/honors classes.

Presentación en Español a las 6:30pm. Asistencia requerida para todos los estudiantes que tomen clases   avanzadas AP/honores.


3/31/2023 Class change request - Solicitar cambio de clases

Last day to request changes in course requests, this includes Honors courses. The only course changes that will be made in the Fall will be those necessitated by schedule conflicts or data entry errors.  

El último día para solicitar cambios de los cursos, esto incluye cursos de Honores Los únicos cursos que se cambiaran en el otoño son los que se hayan asignado por error o porque haya algún conflicto   en el horario de clases  


Here is important information you need to know/ Información importante que usted debe saber:

Students are encouraged to achieve a balance of academic and elective courses; careful consideration should be given to the increased demands of homework and study time at GHS. Se sugiere que los estudiantes tengan un balance académico con cursos electivos; se debe considerar con mucho cuidado el incremento en tareas y tiempo de estudio que se requiere en la preparatoria.
Please review the information contained on our website/ Por favor revise la información contenida en nuestra página greenfieldhs.org > Academics > Counseling/Guidance > Course Registration


If you have any questions concerning your student’s course of study for next year please call/ Si tiene alguna pregunta referente a los cursos de su estudiante para el siguiente año llame Greenfield High School, 831-674-2751 or email [email protected]




GHS Administrators and Counselors/Departamento de Administración y Consejería


Incoming 9th Grade Class of 2027

Counselor: Ms. Cynthia Rodriguez 

9th Grade Honors/AP Contract, AVID Application and Teacher Recommendation forms submit to [email protected]

Class of 2026

Counselor: Ms. Silviana Sanchez

Class of 2025

Counselor: Mrs. Katie Trujillo 

Class of 2024


Last Names: A-G Ms. Silviana Sanchez

Last Names: H-N Ms. Cynthia Rodriguez

Last Names: O-Z Mrs. Katie Trujillo




Click the link below to schedule a meeting with your counselor for additional assistance😁