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AP/Honors Information

Summer Work for the following classes:
Course Teacher
AP Biology J. Radcliff
AP Calculus Lopez
AP Environmental J. Radcliff
Biology Honors Meyer
English 3 AP E. Radcliff
English 4 AP S. Brusch
Math 1 Honors Montoya
Math 2 Honors Perez
Math 3 Honors Lopez / Espina
English 1 Honors Pantoja
No Summer Work for the following classes:
English 2 Honors
AP Studio Art
World History AP
US History AP
AP Government
AP Micro Economics
AP Human Geography
Intro to Eng. Design Honors
Principles of Eng. Honors
Aerospace Engineering Honors
Engineering Design and Dev.  Honors
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature

To meet your technology needs, please review the following important information!

Current students: Keep your device. 

Incoming 9th Graders:

Complete the technology agreement electronically (see below). Once the contract has been completed and signed by a parent, students must physically come in to turn in the contract in order to pick up a device between June 5, 6, 7 from 8am to 3:30 pm at the GHS Library. 

Summer Assignments-Each student will be added to a Team according to the AP/Honors classes you are enrolled in. All assignments will be posted by May 15th. Check back here for updates. 

GHS supports every student’s ambition to take on new and demanding challenges, such as taking an Honors/AP class.  However, the decision to enroll in an Honors/AP course requires a great deal of thought and consideration due to the rigorous workload, high-reaching expectations, and maturity level that these courses demand.  We encourage all students to talk to their teachers, counselors, parents, and other trusted advisers about their interest in taking AP or Honors classes so they can feel confident in their decision and better prepare themselves for the challenge that lays ahead.

All students taking an Honors/AP class must sign the Honors/AP contract and submit to their counselor with their registration form.

Students must make informed decisions about courses requiring summer assignments because these courses will not be dropped at the beginning of the school year due to incomplete work.

Changes in course requests must be made by March 31st at 11:59pm

Please complete the course request change form