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GHS Campus Clubs

Do Not Let Our Campus Clubs Die Off

By: Daisy Gasca-Gonzalez 


Being part of a club can be fun by having time to hang out with friends all while doing what students have an interest in. Building, creating, researching, teaching, and solving are all things high school students do within a club. Clubs in Greenfield High have not been in the interest of many students and if that mindset keeps on increasing then clubs in the school could disband due to lack of student involvement.

 Importance of Clubs and What They Can Offer 

   Clubs have diverse students who come from different backgrounds who can help create new memories that are worthwhile. Friendships formed while in clubs are unique since there are people who join the group whom a student may have never met otherwise. Students from different grade levels can join the same club. 

   Many club members discover a friendship that can last a lifetime. An alumnus from Greenfield High School who was in the Class of 2023, tells The Bruin’s Eye, that on-campus clubs, for example, the Robotics club made him form new friendships that are still stable after high school. Alex Gonzales, the Greenfield High School alumni states, “It absolutely helped me make new friends as you spend so much time with them after school and I still keep in touch with old members.” 

   Clubs also provide new experiences for students in the classroom by focusing more on their shared interests or knowledge. High school clubs center around a shared desire to travel, build, and create working robots and be creative. Also, if students want to join a 4-year university, clubs make college applications stand out to the college advisors and admission counselors. They see that students have an interest in a topic and are willing enough to join a club and participate in it. The University Network, “Top 8 Benefits of High School Clubs”, explains, “Institutions want to admit applicants who, on top of being stellar students, are passionate about clubs and other extracurricular activities.” On social media, high school graduates post their college applications which include a list of the high school clubs they are part of and what club officer position they are in. Participating in a club increases the likelihood of a student getting an acceptance letter into their top college choice by showing the colleges they are hardworking and passionate about their interests.

    The current issue at Greenfield High surrounding clubs, is many of our students do not have an interest in joining clubs or think that they are too “cool” for them. But whether apathetic or arrogant, these students do not realize that clubs here at school can give them fun opportunities not available elsewhere. Clubs are beneficial for students, and there are ways they can determine if a club is right for them when it comes to discovering their interests. 

Robotics Club GHS photo by Bernie BargeGreenfield High Clubs and What They Offer 

Club Rush is a one-day event held at the quad where club representatives show off what they do within their club and try to get other students to sign up. The event is a helpful way for students to look at the different clubs in our school and join new ones. 

   Club Rush recently took place on September 8th and if students participated in it, they found out that there are tons of fun offers that come with just joining a club. Drama club and Physics club both take students on field trips to see plays and amusement parks. A brand new club to our campus this year is the Travel Club, and club members plan on heading all the way across the entire ocean to another continent to visit Spain! Clubs like CSF (California Scholarship Federation) help students to succeed academically. Students here in the school should join all the different clubs given to them because of the experiences and memories club members create throughout the school year.

   All the current student clubs at Greenfield High include Robotics, Travel Club, ASB (Associated Student Body), CSF (California Scholarship Federation), Drama Club, Physics Club, Coding Club, and Garden Club. Even if none of these clubs interest students, there is a way to create a new club in the school. With the help of a teacher who agrees to become the club advisor and other students to join, students can easily have a new club form within days. Distinct types of clubs benefit students and the school in many ways. For example, the website Allison Academy, “Robotics club – Introduction to the world of technology,” explains how the Robotics club teaches students how to build robots and takes them around the state to attend competitions to discover new people. Robotics helps students discover problem-solving skills and become creative. If students have an interest in building robots or having a challenge, students should go ahead and join Robotics. 

   In contrast, ASB is a club that creates events like rallies or homecoming in our school and fundraisers for future activities, for example, prom or dances. The California Scholarship Federation gives students the honor of becoming part of a prestigious program that will make their college applications stand out. CSF has high prerequisites and being part of it benefits students when graduation comes around. If students did not know, CSF makes sure students sit at the front during graduation no matter what GPA (grade point average) a student earns their senior year. Travel Club is a newly founded club in our school this year. It is a club that is overall focused on just traveling. If students went to their table during Club Rush, students would have found out where they are going the upcoming summer, and if not, then students must know they are going all the way to Europe! This trip can help create amazing memories for students and with friends. Students do not know when an offer like this will be given to them again in their lives. When is the next time you will be offered a trip to Spain? Join the Travel Club.

Club Members Share Their Experience 

In Greenfield High, there are participants in clubs active in their club activities. There are already a couple of students' part of clubs in Greenfield High as our fellow Senior Bruin, Jonathan Gonzalez tells The Bruin’s Eye, “Yes, I know a few people in robotics.”  However, only a few students are in clubs which may lead to their disbandment further down the road. Clubs should never consider disbanding because of the wonderful opportunities they can give to everyone. Past and present members of clubs, however, are excited for this new school year to start from the ecstatic mood members were in during Club Rush persuading students to join their club. 

   An interview from Melany Gasca, an alumni, from Fresno State University elaborated how participating in a club while in college she met new people and learned so much about their cultures and life experiences unlike her own. Senior Bruin, Jonathan Gonzalez tells our reporters, “During Club Rush [this year] I found many clubs interesting and decided to join the garden club for the community hours and fun.” Clubs are an important part of student life since they will help students gain so many more lessons in life. Senior Bruin, Rihanna Navarro, who has an interest in Travel Club, tells The Bruin’s Eye, “I am excited to attend the Spain trip since I have never left the country before and there will be new things to see.” If students have the time and have an interest, join a club, have fun, and make memories in the final years of high school with friends that have been known for so long. Joining a club is worth it in the end, so go ahead and sign up for one, you may never know what you will discover!