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Downfall of COD

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Call of Duty Continues to Disappoint

By Miguel Echeverria

When the video game Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released in 2019 it was regarded as one of the best additions to the Call of Duty franchise, adding brand new mechanics to the game as well as an immersive feeling thanks to the outstanding graphics. Every year since with each new Call of Duty release players agree that each game is getting worse and worse. This has not only tarnished the Call of Duty name it has also hurt the hopes of the diehard players of the franchise as well.

    With one of the worst-reviewed campaigns in Call of Duty history, it would have been impossible to predict how downhill the franchise would go back when the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out. When asked what his thoughts were on the recent Call of Duty installments Milo Diaz a junior at G.H.S. said, “The games are littered with bugs and glitches and feel rushed.” When asked what his favorite Call of Duty game Diaz said it was “Call of Duty Black Ops 2” which came out in 2012. This isn't too far off the answers of many Call of Duty fans who prefer the older Call of Duty games to the newer ones.

Pay-to-Win Gaming

Back in 2020 when Call of Duty’s new game Warzone was released, it included a battle pass, a battle pass is a set of 100 tiers or more that a player can earn while playing a game. Within the Call of Duty battle pass, players can unlock weapons, skins, vehicles, and emotes if they pay 10 dollars for it. In the 4th season of Call of Duty Warzone, a skin called “Roze” was released as the tier 100 skin. Unlike many skins, this skin was all black and very dark. This caused players to not be able to see the skin in dark places. This allowed whoever had the “Roze” skin to become invisible to other players. Only players who paid for the battle pass could get the skin, and the free players could not get it.

    The Bruin's Eye asked, “How has your enjoyment of the game held up throughout the installments.” Diaz describes his enjoyment of the game as “heaven and hell” “Ever since modern warfare, the games have been extremely rushed. Another instance of pay-to-win gaming was in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, in Black Ops 3 players were able to buy supply boxes that had different cosmetics like helmet weapon skins and operator skins, but the supply boxes also dropped only obtainable weapons by getting them from a supply drop.

Worst Call of Duty Campaign Ever

Many would agree that Call of Duty Modern Warfare III (2023) is among the worst Call of Duty campaigns ever. In Modern Warfare III, the campaign was changed heavily, usually, the campaign story had a series of story-driven missions, each full of individualism and personality. In modern warfare III, a player is put on an open stage and can roam around and complete objectives in any order. Though on paper these missions sound superior by giving the player more freedom these missions lack personality and fail to make the player feel anything for the characters or feel any type of connection to the game. Danny Robles a freshman at G.H.S. stated “The campaign was boring and dull” when asked about his thoughts about the modern warfare campaign. Librado Herrera a 9th-grade student at G.H.S. said “I don't get as much enjoyment from the newer Call of Duty games than the old ones. Will gameplay for future Call of Duty releases improve? We can only hope.