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Greenfield High School

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Common Core English 2 (Period 6)

Course Description


Greenfield High School 2021-2022

Course:  Common Core English 2

Name and Contact Information:

Adriana Garcia-Rojas ~ Mrs. Garcia

Phone:831.674.2751 Room: Student Union Stage **Temporarily**

e-mail: [email protected]

Course Objectives; Based on the Common Core Standards:

  • Refer to the tenth grade Common Core State Standards for course objectives.


Course Description:

The Core Support English 2 course engages students in the careful reading and analysis of all genres of literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, etc.).  It is designed to provide specialized instruction focused on building fundamental reading skills and applying them to core content. These fundamental reading skills will help build students analytical thinking, evidence-based responses, comprehension, writing, speaking, listening, and vocabulary. The students will be using computer-based programs, literature, and articles to support them in acquiring these skills. By reading selected literary works, students strengthen their critical thinking skills and enhance their pleasure in literature. 

In-Person and/or Teams Code of Conduct:

·       Students will adhere to all school rules and district policies as summarized in the Parent handbook.

·       Students will respect their peers, the class rules, the teacher and staff.

·       Students will not interfere with their own learning or the learning of their peers.

In-Person and/or Distance Learning Course Expectations:

  • Show PRIDE: be Prepared, be Responsible, have Integrity, be Determined, and be E
  • Students will mute their microphones prior to entering the learning space.*
  • Students are expected to be in class and/or online before the appointed time; roll will be taken at the beginning of class.
  • Be mindful of citizenship; behave accordingly while in-person or Teams, using the chat feature, and posting to any feed.
  • Being “present” does not ensure a passing grade; work must be completed accurately, on time and submitted.
  • Contact your teacher ASAP if you are unable to attend class during school hours to arrange an alternative method of submitting your assignments.

Grading Scale:

Administrative Regulation (AR) 5121 (a)

o   Grades for each grading period as follows:

A         (89-100%)       Outstanding Achievement               4.0 grade points

B         (78-88%)         Above Average Achievement             3.0 grade points

C         (67-77%)         Average Achievement                           2.0 grade points

D         (51-66%)         Below Average Achievement             1.0 grade points

F          (0-50%)           Little or no Achievement               0 grade points

I           (-------)           Incomplete                                                 0 grade points

Grading will occur on a variety of assignments, including warm-up activities, in-class assignments, homework, class participation, group work, assessments, and presentations.


Grades for this class will be determined by:

  • In-class assignments & homework 30%
  • Test & quizzes                   30%
  • Attendance & participation                   40%


  • Turning in Assignments:
  • All homework is due at the beginning of the period, unless it is an in-class assignment, then it is due the following day.
  • Please write legibly.  If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it.
  • Correct heading must be on every assignment in the upper right-hand corner. (Name, period, & date)  
  • The assignment name must be written as the title.

Late Work:

·       Late work will be accepted per the IEP accommodations.

Cheating and Plagiarism

·       Automatic “O.”

·       Call to parents by YOU.

·       Referral to the Principal.


Class Expectations – Level of Rigor:

o   This class is provided so that students may be successful in their high school experience. This is an interactive class where everyone is thinking, responding and involved. Class participation is essential. Students must be prepared to work, participate, and complete assignments on a regular basis. 

  • Students are responsible for taking notes (if applicable) and keeping their own notebook/portfolio for organization purposes.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their own tests and quizzes (if applicable).
  • Students are responsible for keeping their own notebook/portfolio organized with notes and assessments to support study for benchmark and final exams.
  • Students are encouraged to seek support from staff or from a classmate either during class or outside of class.

Basic Class Rules:

1) Be Respectful. 

Show respect to everyone and everything. This is a Non-judgmental Environment.


2) Be Responsible. 

Come to class prepared, on time and ready to work when the bell rings. *Remember the Teacher dismisses the class.


3) Be Willing & Ready to Learn: 

Do the best you can do.


Consequences for Rule Violation:

1st Offense             Non-Verbal Warning.

2nd Offense            Verbal Warning.

3rd Offence            Teacher/Student Conference.

4th Offense            Phone Call Home.

5th Offense            Parent Conference.


No Cellphones during class unless preapproved by teacher


            1st offense                    Verbal warning.

            2nd offense                   Student surrenders it to be kept for the reminder of the period.

            3rd offense                   Cellphone is sent to the office or collected by security.


·       Don’t Be.  If you are absent, the only way to make-up any assignments is if the absence is EXCUSED. (Refer to Bruin Attendance Policy.)

·       Keep in mind that in the instance of an absence WILL result in you missing information and classroom activities that may not be possible to recreate.  These instances are unfortunate, but do not excuse you or your responsibility to the information.

  • Students are responsible for attending all of their scheduled classes in-person and/or online at the designated days and times.

Exit Procedure:

·       Lecture or Discussion – Students will have time to make any additions, subtractions or corrections regarding assignments or materials for the next day and remain in your assigned seat until the bell rings. 

·       Group or Partner Work – Students will begin returning all materials and desks to their proper places no earlier than five minutes before the bell rings.  All students will return to their assigned seats before the bell rings.  Students will also make any necessary additions, subtractions or corrections regarding assignments or materials for the next day. 

·       Before being excused, students will make sure there is no garbage around their desks or in their isles.

·       Absolutely NO lining up at the door!

·       The teacher dismisses the class, NOT the bell!


·       QUIET PLEASE.  Absolutely no talking.  If appropriate, you will be given a minute after the announcement to discuss the information with your neighbors.  Talking during announcements will result in a disruption warning. 


·       You MUST use passes. No exceptions; You MUST use your student planner. 

·       Bring Planner to me, at an appropriate time.

·       State your destination.

·       I sign, you go. (ONLY if appropriate)

·       You have only 5 minutes.  Any time taken after the 5 minutes is deducted from your next pass time out of class.

Substitute Teachers:

·       You WILL treat Substitute Teachers with RESPECT.

·       You will help them through the assigned lesson(s).

·       If a Substitute indicates to me that any student(s) had issues with their behavior, no matter how minor the infraction, you will be responsible for the appropriate punishment.

Moving from class to other locations (library, courtyard, assemblies, field, etc.): You will gather necessary materials and line up in front of the desks but not at the door.  We will all proceed to the location together, moving quickly, quietly and without disruption to fellow classmates or classes. 




Please Return to Mrs. Garcia no later than Friday, August 20, 2021.

I have read and understand the guidelines and procedures for Mrs. Garcia’s Class while in-person and/or Distance Learning and have shared it with my parents/guardians. 

Parents/Guardians, if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress in class, please feel free to call me at 831.674.2751.



Student’s Name: __________________________________________________Period: _____


Student’s Signature: __________________________________________________________

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Signature:_________________________________________________



Thank You!  I look forward to working with you and your child this school year!  ~Mrs. Garcia