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Bulletin Board » Student Bulletin Week 10/13-10/16

Student Bulletin Week 10/13-10/16

Block Day 2 Periods 4-7 Office Hours 
As a reminder, here is our schedule for this week: 
Tuesday: Block Day 2, Periods 4 – 7, Office Hours 
Wednesday:  Block Day 1, Periods 1 – 3, Office Hours, Collab  
Thursday: Block Day 1, Periods 1 – 3, Office Hours, Collab  
Friday: Block Day 2, Periods 4 – 7, Office Hours 

Cafecito with the Principal will be Thursday, October 15th at 9am and at 4pm 

Reminder GHS Students!!! 
Student IDs and Planners will be handed out over the next 4 weeks on Wednesdays.  IDs and Planners will be distributed in the front of the school by the main office.  Please enter campus through the Wellness Check area in the front part of campus next to the Main Office and remember to follow Social Distancing guidelines and wear masks. In order to follow safety and health guidelines because of COVID-19, we plan to limit the number of students on campus and will follow the schedule below: 

Wednesday Planner/student I.d.  Pick Up Schedule for October 21st: 

8:50-9:40 – 10th grade          Last Names A-L 

10:35-11:25 – 10th grade     Last Names M-Z 

*This is going to be the same time schedule for the following dates (We will not distribute the week of October 12th due to the holiday): 

Grade 11           October 28 

Grade 12           November 4 

 Important location change for visitors and students to enter campus! 
Just a reminder that we are moving the Safety and Wellness Check from the back of the campus to the front of the campus (gate next to Main Office). This change is taking place because we now have the front parking lot open. The location for the Nutrition pickup has not changed its location. 
Voter Registration 
 Hello there, 18-year old’s!!!  As a reminder, our nation's general election is coming up in a just a few short weeks on November 3.  Our local, state, and national elections will decide many important issues and ballot measures - and select our President and Vice-President for the next term.  Now, are you a United States Citizen, resident of California, and will you have reached the age of 18 by November 3, 2020?  If you meet these criteria you are eligible to vote.   Not a registered voter?  Well, California offers voter registration online, by mail, and in person. Online voter registration is available at RegisterToVote.ca.gov. You can also request and complete a paper voter registration form and mail, or hand deliver it to your county elections official to register to vote.  So, get out there you 18-year old's and vote! 

Good Morning Bruins! ASB will be hosting a Pet Costume Competition Friday, October 16th.  
Rules: To enter the competition first you must take a picture of your pet dress up or looking like anything other than its regular self. You will post the pictures of your pet in its costume on Instagram and Padlet (make sure you have created a Padlet account using your Microsoft credentials) We will send you the Padlet and Instagram information next week. 
Guidance Counselor Meetings for Freshmen and Seniors 
Freshman and Senior Meetings with your counselor will begin in the next few weeks. Students please remember that your parents will need to attend.  If you have any questions, please contact your counselor. 

This week ASB is hosting several class competitions this month.  The first three are happening this week and next.   

Pet Costume Contest.   

The rules are as follows: 
To enter the competition first you must take a picture of your pet dress up or looking like anything other than its regular self. You will post the pictures of your pet in its costume Padlet (make sure you have created a Padlet account using your Microsoft credentials) Here is the link for the Pet Costume Contest    
For bonus points, post your picture on Instagram, tag @ghs_bruins_asb and put your graduation year in the caption.  
All submissions must be on the Padlet before 3pm on Friday.  Don't forget to vote using the ❤️ on Padlet. 

Fall Bake Off Oct. 21-23  
To enter this bake-off, you must bake any type of dessert, such as cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc.… it must be decorated in a Fall/Halloween theme. You must use Fall/Halloween colors such as black, orange, purple and white. Make sure to take a picture of your dessert before decorating it and another one of your final result AND IT MUST HAVE THE @ghs_bruins_asb and your graduation year ON A PIECE OF PAPER ON THE PHOTO OF THE DESSERT!!! To get counted, you must post these pictures on Padlet, make sure you post it under YOUR year and write your full name to get counted. You'll have 3 days to make your dessert! You can vote for a post by clicking on the heart.  The post with the most likes will get extra points.   

***for even more extra points you can go tagging us in IG @ghs_bruins_asb using #ghsbruinspirit 
Here is the link for the Fall Bake Off

Halloween/Fall Home Decorating Competition October 22, 2020 
Take a picture of your Halloween decorations with you in it and your graduating class to be counted. The decorations can be wherever, inside, or outside of your house. Then post the picture under your class grade. When you post your picture, add something that indicates it is your picture and not something you took off the internet. After you post the picture, you'll click the three dots and change it to your class corresponding color. Freshmen are orange, sophomores are black, juniors are red, and seniors are green. Then you'll rate other students' decorations out of 5. Please make an account for Padlet with your school credentials so you aren't labeled as anonymous when you post your picture. Bonus points if you post it on Instagram and tag @ghs_bruins_asb account with your graduation year in the caption. If you post anything inappropriate, you will be disqualified. All submissions must be made before October 22nd at 3pm. 
Here is the link to the Fall/Halloween Home Decoration Contest 
Remember, all school rules apply.  Keep your posts positive and polite.  

PBIS 3 Ps = Prompt, Productive, and Polite 
Here’s some tips to aid you in your day - follow the 3Ps to success in school and your life.