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Bulletin Board » Student Bulletin Week 9/21-9/25

Student Bulletin Week 9/21-9/25

School Site Council Elections

a. Thank you to all of you that put in your applications for school site council. Our candidates are:

· 11th Grade: Jessica B. Rodriguez and Alina Ramirez

· 10th Grade: Mauricio Mateo Hernandez and Daniela Araujo

· 9th Grade: Cari Espinoza Hernandez

· The election will be held online at our GHS Website today, Monday, September 21. Make sure you get on and vote!

SSC Election Results 
The results for our School Site Council Student Elections have been tabulated and here are the results.  First, the School Site Council wishes to thank all of the candidates that applied for the position and are working hard to make Greenfield High School the best school possible for everyone.  And now for the results: 
11th Grade Representative:  Alina Ramires 

10th Grade Representative: Mauricio Mateo Hernandez 

10th Grade Representative (Alternate): Daniela Araujo 

9th Grade Representative:  Cari Espinoza Hernandez 
Congratulations to all our SSC Student Applicants - job well done and thanks for showing that Bruin PRIDE!   
Voter Registration 
 Did you know our nation's general election is coming up in a just a few short weeks on November 3.  Our local, state, and national elections will decide many important issues and ballot measures - and select our President and Vice-President for the next term.  Now, are you a United States Citizen, resident of California, and will you have reached the age of 18 by November 3, 2020?  If you meet these criteria you are eligible to vote.   Not a registered voter?  Well, California offers voter registration online, by mail, and in person. Online voter registration is available at RegisterToVote.ca.gov. You can also request and complete a paper voter registration form and mail or hand deliver it to your county elections official to register to vote.  So get out there you 18 year olds and vote! 

Spirit Week is here!!! 
Here are the theme days:
 a. Monday, Sept. 21: Mask on Monday. Show us your favorite Covid-19 PPE Mask! Mask on Monday

b. Tuesday, Sept. 22: Miss you Tuesday. Share a picture of something or someone you miss at Greenfield High School. Miss You Tuesday

c. Wednesday, Sept 23: Wonder Pet Wednesday. Post a picture of your pet. Rally DAY!! Wonder Pet Wednesday

d. Thursday, Sept 24: Throw Back Thursday. Post a picture of your favorite GHS memory! Freshmen be creative �� Throwback Thursday

e. Friday Sept 25: Class Colors: Post a picture of you showing Bruin Pride by sporting your class colors! Class Colors Friday

o Freshmen wear Gray.

o Sophomores wear Black.

o Juniors wear White.

o Seniors wear Green.

o Teachers and staff wear Purple.

How to post for spirit week using Instagram:

5. tag the @ghs_bruins_asb

6. In the caption put graduation year.

7. use #ghsbruinspirit

8. If your account is PRIVATE, send your pic as a DM to @ghs_bruins_asb

LifeTouch Photo Makeup Day 
Is this Wednesday, September 23rd. Remember that this make-up photo day is only for students who did not take their pictures during registration week. The schedule for make-up pictures is as follows:

o 9th Grade 8:00am – 9:45am

o 10th Grade 9:45am – 11:30am

o Lunch 11:30am – 12:00pm NO PICTURES

o 11th Grade 12:00pm – 1:45pm

o 12th Grade 1:45pm – 3:15pm

Potential CSF applicants
The place to go for instructions on the application process is on the CSF channel for your counselor's TEAM page. There is a PowerPoint and the application/course lists and contact information for questions and where to forward the completed application and transcript. The deadline for application will be Friday, September 25.

Guidance Counselor Meetings for Freshmen and Seniors

· Freshman and Senior Meetings with your counselor will begin in the next few weeks. Students please remember that your parents will need to attend. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor.

Hey students, your wish is granted!! Monday, September 28 – is a Non- School Day! 
Due to the day off, our schedule will change for next week as follows below: 

Tuesday 9/29: Block Day 2, Periods 4 – 7, Office Hours 

Wednesday 9/30:  Block Day 1, Periods 1 – 3, Office Hours  

Thursday 10/1: Block Day 1, Periods 1 – 3, Office Hours, Collab  

Friday 10/2: Block Day 2, Periods 4 – 7, Office Hours 

Notice that the Wednesday is not an asynchronous day. On that day we will follow the Block Day 1 to make up for that missed day on Monday.  If you have any questions, please ask your teacher.  The non-school day will also affect the nutrition schedule as explained below. 

PBIS 3 Ps = Prompt, Productive, and Polite

· Here’s some tips to aid you in your day - follow the 3Ps to success in school and your life

· Stay positive and keep it going! Have you had a chance to look at your grades? Are you on track or do you need to pick it up a bit? Whatever the case may be, don’t get down, be positive, have faith in yourself, and do what you need to do to raise your grades! Need help? Contact your teachers or counselors! They’ll get you the help you need or put you back on the right track! You know you can do it – remember, take one step at a time and move toward your goals!