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Bulletin Board » Student Bulletin Week 9/14-9/18

Student Bulletin Week 9/14-9/18

School Site Council
Are you interested in representing your school by running for School Site Council Student Representative? If so, go to the school website and complete the application for School Site Council Officer. Deadline for applying is Wednesday, September 16, at 8 PM. Any student interested in running for a class office must be in good academic standing and submit a copy of their transcript to Mr. McKenzie at jmckenzie@smcjuhsd.org Elections will be held this Friday.

School Site Council Elections 

Thank you to all of you that put in your applications for school site council.  Our candidates are: 

11th Grade:  Jessica B. Rodriguez and Alina Ramirez 

10th Grade:  Mauricio Mateo Hernandez and Daniela Araujo  

9th Grade:  Cari Espinoza Hernandez 

The election will be held online at our GHS Website this coming Monday, September 21.  Make sure you get on and vote!   

Guidance Counselor Meetings for Freshmen and Seniors 
Freshman and Senior Meetings with your counselor will begin in the next few weeks. Students please remember that your parents will need to attend.  If you have any questions, please contact your counselor. 

Lifetouch Picture Make Day 
Lifetouch Picture Day has been changed to September 23 – note the date changed.  This photo day is for students and staff that did not take your photo this past summer during school registration.  More details to follow. 

Back-to-School Night
Back-to-School Night is coming in one week – please make sure to mark your calendar and tell your parents:
  •  Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
  • Time: 6pm to 8:00 (approximate)
  • Format: Online/Virtual in Teams – follow your class schedule in Teams with your parents.
  • Back-to-School Night (BTSN) Schedule
Welcome and General Assembly 6:00pm – 6:20pm

Teams Classroom Visitation

Period 1 6:25pm – 6:35pm

Passing 6:35pm – 6:39pm

Period 2 6:39pm – 6:49pm

Passing 6:49pm – 6:53pm

Period 3 6:53pm – 7:03pm

Passing 7:03pm – 7:07pm

Period 4 7:07pm – 7:17pm

Passing 7:17pm – 7:21pm

Period 5 7:21pm – 7:31pm

Passing 7:31pm – 7:35pm

Period 6 7:35pm – 7:45pm

Passing 7:45pm – 7:49pm

Period 7 7:49pm – 7:59pm

Earn extra credit and be eligible for awards if you attend!
Nutrition Schedule Changes 
Our weekly nutrition schedule has changed on Wednesdays.  The new time for nutrition distribution is 11:00am – 1:00pm.   The Monday schedule remains the same at 3:00pm – 5:00pm.  Parents and families received notification on these changes last week.
Spirit Week is next week.   Here are the theme days: 
  1. Monday, Sept. 21Mask on Monday.  Show us your favorite Covid-19 PPE Mask! 

  1. Tuesday, Sept. 22: Miss you Tuesday.  Share a picture of something or someone you miss at Greenfield High School. 

  1. Wednesday, Sept 23: Wonder Pet Wednesday.  Post a picture of your pet. Rally DAY!! 

California Scholarship Federation – CSF 
Finally, Bruins, it’s time to apply for CSF (California Scholarship Federation). Freshmen you have to wait until next semester. Any 10th, 11th or 12th grader with awesome grades, if you think you qualify for the Spring 2020 semester, look for the instructions sent by your counselor on Monday. Applications will be online this time. Application period will end next Friday. Remember, look for the instructions on Monday. 

PBIS 3 Ps = Prompt, Productive, and Polite
Stay Positive – Progress Reports just came out!!!  How are your grades?   Are you on track or do you need to get your train going in the right direction?  Whatever your status is, keep moving forward.  Did you get A’s, B’s, C’s?  Well keep it up and challenge yourself to higher heights!  On the other end, did you start off slow and earn D’s and F’s?  Well, don’t get down, be positive, have faith in yourself, and do what you need to do to raise your grades!   Need help?  Contact your teachers or counselors!  They’ll get you the help you need or put you back on the right track!  You know you can do it – so go out and show that Bruin Pride and get it done!

Here’s some tips to aid you in your day - follow the 3Ps to success in school and your life
PBIS 3 Ps = Prompt, Productive, and Polite

Prompt · Get plenty of rest, wake up early, exercise to get your energy up, eat a good breakfast – and arrive to class on time

Productive· Actively work on your classwork throughout the day · Ask questions and ask for help through Teams · Use Teams chat to communicate with your teachers · Be persistent – DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Polite · Collaborate in a positive manner with teachers and peers · Use a growth mindset to improve your mental well-being and build your confidence · Acknowledge success in your peers and yourself

· Be 100% accountable – you have the power to be anything you want to be . . .