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Bulletin Board » Student Bulletin Week 8/31-9/4

Student Bulletin Week 8/31-9/4

Labor Day Holiday
Is next Monday, September 7 – No School! Due to the holiday, our schedule will change for next week as follows below:

· Tuesday: Block Day 2, Periods 4 – 7, Office Hours

· Wednesday: Block Day 1, Periods 1 – 3, Office Hours, Collab

· Thursday: Block Day 1, Periods 1 – 3, Office Hours, Collab

· Friday: Block Day 2, Periods 4 – 7, Office Hours

Notice that the Wednesday is not an asynchronous day. On that day we will follow the Block Day 1 to make up for that missed day on Monday. If you have any questions, please ask your teacher. The holiday will also affect the nutrition schedule as explained below.

School Nutrition 
Today (Wednesday, September 2) is Nutrition Distribution from 3pm – 5pm. Come by, say “HI”, and grab your nutrition. Next week, Monday is a Holiday. Our nutrition schedule will be Tuesday, September 8, and Wednesday, September 9.

PBIS 3 Ps = Prompt, Productive, and Polite

Here’s some tips to aid you in your day - follow the 3Ps to success in school and your life

Prompt · Login on time and stay in class until you are dismissed

Productive · Focus on learning · Stay engaged the entire class period · Do the work to the best of your abilities in every subject · Reach out for help (teacher, counselor, family, friends)

Polite · Listen carefully and respectfully in class · Participate in on-line learning in Teams · Be patient with teachers, family, and friends · Use kind words and faces in chat and digital learning in Teams

Back-to-School Night
Due to unforeseen circumstances, our BTSN has been rescheduled the new date is as follows
  •  Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
  • Time: 6pm to 8:00 (approximate)
  • Format: Online/Virtual in Teams – follow your class schedule in Teams with your parents.
Save the Date – more information to follow!

Guidance Counselor Meetings for Freshmen and Seniors
Freshman and Senior Meetings with your counselor will begin in the next few weeks. Students please remember that your parents will need to attend.