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Parents » Distance Learning Tips for Parents

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

5 Tips for Parents of Students

Doing Distance Learning


GHS shares 5 tips for parents who have children participating

in distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic


Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, our education and learning expectations at Greenfield High School continues. This is a very important and urgent opportunity for your child to learn and keep up with expectations and standards.  Listed below are 5 tips for you, the parents and guardians of our BRUINS, to help you and them maintain learning and keep up with their classmates:

1 – Help your child establish and stick to a routine.

Even though school has gone to an online learning format, treat school days just like you would if your child was attending school as usual. This includes having them get up at the same time every day, get properly dressed, and eat a healthy breakfast.

2 – Check in with your child and make sure they are attending and staying in class.

Your child is expected to be in class on time each day.  While in class, they must remain there until the class is dismissed. Your child’s consistent and daily attendance is a great indicator for school success.  GHS knows making sure your child has good attendance may be difficult if you are at work away from home.  However, if your child is not present or leaves class early, they will be marked absent or truant.  This will lead to a loss of learning and involvement with our truancy program.

3 Check in with your child’s teachers or counselors.   

Our teachers and counselors are more than willing to connect with parents via email. If your child is having difficulty managing any aspect of the learning or staying on task reach out to his/her teacher or counselor and ask for help. To keep yourself informed, be on the lookout for any communications from teachers indicating that they are having trouble connecting with your child during this time.   

4 – Stay connected and up to date with your child’s learning via TEAMS and the AERIES Portal.

Want to know what your child is learning?   Have your child login to their Microsoft TEAMS classroom and walk you through their lessons and assignments.  Here you will find the daily lessons, assignments, and homework.  This way you will know what your child is working on in class to help you support their learning.     

To keep yourself up to date on your child’s current grades and progress, login to the AERIES Parent Portal.  Here you will have access to your child’s grades, attendance, and other information.  If your child’s current grades are not posted, email the teacher to find out how they are doing.  If you are having any difficulty logging in to the AERIES Parent Portal or need to set up your account, please contact our Parent Involvement Coordinator, Patricia Sifuentes, at (831) 674-2751, extension 3326.

5 – Encourage physical activity and exercise.

Your child will be sitting in front of their computer for long stretches of time. Encourage them to use the breaks in the day to stretch, walk the dog, or do jumping jacks — any movement helps!  A sound mind and body will help your child be successful.

Thank you for this opportunity to share these important tips with you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me.